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Guy's 2222-Word Scandalously Racy Palindrome

Written by a certain shameless C. Guy La Fortune

Copyright © 2012 by C. Guy La Fortune.  All rights reserved.

Here is something you might find amusing, provided you don't think it putrid and quickly surf elsewhere on the Web, never to return (but please do)!  Unintentionally written for     a[n] [im]mature audience, it is letter-for-letter palindromic, reading precisely the same backward as forward.  I tried to make it funny despite it being oddly disjointed.  So, here it goes:  (To get the latest version, make sure you use Ctrl-F5 to refresh your browser cache directly from the server!)


Dwell lazily at spots won in raw iris abandon.  Draw no nets.

A hot dog may age by bursting.  Oh--dogs, aware of a live, natural, intense odor, engorge on a cat ego.

Epic eras abuse Midas' "gift," Alfred.  No peridot to sirs do gnus deliver.  No, Enid, gold is nil.

Ram foe or foster a backside.  Doctor a tapir.

Live!  No, I tan.  I videotape; Elsa sees all, Edna, Spandex at all edits!  Olympus, sapid I am!

Pa, Ernie, grab a brew; snare it:  fine tan gam!  A god is THC.  A Yen info era was live; Evita, retire it.  Sandra, we ridicule no labor.  I alone sin.  A rat's reviled; I am too.  Lie, Ed. 

Daydream in a sure Tudor's dorm, in particular a taut asp in a pose.  I've no pun at all.  Eaves, Deb, flow. 

See, Bev loves tennis.  Eva, Elsa have warts!  Sad or not, sip a martini.  Rats in ruts edit a video, Freda, Elsa.

Nemo, we rise, dine.  Venison, Tim, mocks a burger.  Go slap a slab on a fire, volatile, hot.  Toward noon, taste! We have!

Del, I give it a go.  Lame, Edna, we lag as Deb wets a rag, uses a blade, frets.  Elsa, whose "sag" has a pro done?  Dale's?

In a fire, it's an AWOL lasagna!  Camp is sublime.  Part a sin, is Fido offal?

O, Tess, I part a trap!  Ed, I'd one woe more generic:  tell a slob my sore zero legacy, men, a snide rosebud.  Nihil is not a stencil or fossil.  Leave now, Eve.  Do not doom; save sex in Laos.

"Emus," said Al Gore, "need erasure!  Vile dodos!  Panda bane, design in raw natron, I made us silos, ore--arid and loco!  Stop DNA?  No, Erfoud!"  Live seed, spat on Ernie's runaway roll or bun, signals nil.  I hinder a ward.

Emote; pop an Ephedra wad.  Alas, a nut--a now otiose nut--tastes putrid!  Well, Liberace wiled me.  Tie no animal, Debra. Beware macaroni gone noon burro tart!  I, braille ballot in a fondue feed, Aidan, dine, partake, rue dots(!), sip.  

Net, Ev, a hero.  My trap:  Asp and Axis, toll a dire toll!  A base target age led, Deb, to havoc.  I get artsy, men.  If, as ten donate bits, a loss caps; I tax, elated, acrid.  And I'd rosy men.  Oh, still I trap!

Am I too hot to hoot?  I'm an unsure vessel.  First, is God agnostic at all, a siren trap, a silly didactic ill?  I nab mud, maiden nuts.  Sue mimes a clan my hymn. (It is torrid and I rule liver worms.) Agronomic, I nap in a bin...embedded if nocturnal.

I'm so symbolic a muse, Nola!  Ogres are ogres, Selma.  I, Tony; as I live on hair a pond eel bites, I sniff umbrage--but still a gut I rob.  Alyssa got evil:  a son, a clover emetic!  Xena, mow a nacre veneer field.  Arcade wires alter ruts.

I held dirt; now I dine!  Gag!  I'd render every menu terse.  Do I degauss a yam? No, I tar okra.  Don, emir--Caesar--enamel banana caps!  Nail a tie to me, radio valet.  Oh--at Nero's bar, garbage breeds a pope nil, nosey Ella.  Eve emits a wolf! 

Dan, I'd one carb.  Mesa, I ran!  I don't regret; so fine my tin (ere "stubs"), Eva.

Ewan is tense if I mar Dot's diadem. Mussels I doom, erase.  It is Rev. Dana: "We dwell; edify no galas an evil era elicits!"  I'd a smut alley star beg a Yen, Sid.  

Arise, gridder; cast a net.  Silos are positioned on a sin:  Idaho.  Ha!  But is Nina groomed?

A barge will I veer from utter germy gore!  (Hit, Nana, nine monetarists' ethos.)  No loch saw it so contained, netted.  I ban, Otis, garbage water, gas, labware waste, naval parts, ale.  No par we've seen; know it now, eh?  Was it luck?  RADON!

Sal, a seidel bided.  Alas, a burg tugs:  I bombard war-mad enemy arts, for I, ape, reign at rats' dismay.  An acrid and assailable urge is murder.  Plug, sob; oh!

Piss upon a brutal foe!  So, hero, will I tune my metal laser?  It was in!  Is Salem an ellipse?  Lo, Ma!  Caught or free, bar again a bad liaison,  Ezra, Gus.  Tense, we draw no red.  Now, a "peeking" is a sin, Alan.  I know slang is drab, so I hone my Latin.  I rob, allay old ire.

Wait!  I limp, sir.  Can I sprawl labored on an anodyne dignitary?  More hay?  Not I.  Gum a god, as sap evolve.  Emoting is semimetallic.  Nepal, libel a snow entity. Metal luge so old, I bar a demo.  Odd as Eve is, emir, Pa's nag email, a tin egg (I boast, sir) odder be, Weesie!  Rats, Ewan, anabolic, abate new hope, Elsa, Ma. Erdos, puffins I pin, tack:  commode robots must I dam.  Ev, a dog I race. Capybara has (eh, tot?) a video!  Boys, tug tubs.

Sarcastic, I lose hair as I hem a tie. Madame, do bards, seldom aerobic, ire my lopsided, noble gym?  Every task ropes a basalt as I sun on a senile, female, tardy, hot sire wolf's tired robe. Rot!  To bore, roses net a tundra hag nostril, fallen.  Evil dogs' sarcasm, idly rebred, limps, agile:  "Emit stark capons to bore vigor!"  I act.  I golf.

Feeble gnats--elongated until rats erupt  --I burst, I rip:  snacks, all!  I partly rebel, a part lunatic at peeking.  I, lame, wave.  Keep sloops secret.

See us sin on extra pistol ipecac.  I bore. An ax is no sleepy, calm lab!  Men even appall a sabred, insane metal Bosnia/Peru tussle era.  Gall, irk, and stun, laser cadet, a noted smirk corps!  Away!

A paper ark, radar evocative, tips Boston:  "Odd as Maine trams, I collate my menu till I wheeze."  Part sees all.  Ella, stable, bats gnats, apt ego, total pro.  

Rat eras may no dog abase.  Mirror, Reba, her "Nair" avowal.  Ask, compute; stop a loop.  Revile, Rob, a DNA bale.  Balsa I bond, a deviant.  Eat me, Elba!  Clap!  Cite med dose carts, Doc.  So, Al, a cable I knit up.  Do I rep?  No.  I tag.  I time lame fan extras as late.

Prep a pet animal, Ewan, as organ tissue, udder, raw gut, eh?  To Tia:  wall a drab garden in.  A cat, a caress I hate.  Pews in a jail I bar, O memory!  Plots I plan, abstract.  A pile emits positron lint on-site!

God, don I a modem, eh, Prom as tense, major panic?  A.I., notes Rev. Al, lacks a Turing I sum egoless, a passe log.  Emu, sign!  I rut, ask, call.  Averse to niacin, a pro, James, nets a morpheme domain OD.

Doge, 'tis not nil, nor 'tis Ops' time.

Eli, Pat carts banal pistol, pyro memorabilia!  Janis, we pet a hisser, a cat:  a canine drag.

Bard, all await--O!--the tug, war-red, due us.

Sit; nag, Rosana!  We laminate paper petals as art, Xena:  female mitigation, period.

Putin--Kiel--bacalaos (cods) traces.  Odd emetic, pal!  

Cab, Lee, Mt. Aetna.  I've, Dad, no bias: label a band a bore, Liverpool!  A pot setup mocks a law.  Ovarian rehab error rimes a bag.  O, Don, yams are tar!

Or, Plato:  to get past angst, Abel bats all.  Ella sees trapeze, eh?  Will I tune my metal loci?  Smarten!

I am sad.  Do not sob; spit!  Evita, cover a dark, rare papaya wasp.  Rock rims detonated acres, Al.  Nuts, DNA, krill, agar, eels, suture pains, oblate men--a snider basal lap pan, even--embalm lacy peels on six anaerobic ace pilots.  I, part xenon, issue ester cesspools.

Peek!  Eva, we malign.  I keep tacit an ultra-pale beryl trap.  I'll ask, "Can spirits rub it:  pure starlit nude tag?"  No, lest angel beef flog it, Cairo!  Give robots no pack rat's time.  Eli, gasp!:  milder beryl dims a crass god!  Live, Nell, a flirt song, a hard nut, a tense, sore robot!  To reborder its flower is to hydrate lame felines:  an onus.  Is Atlas a base pork satyr, Eve?  My gel, bonded, is polymeric. (I bore a mod, less drab ode.)

Madame, I tame his aria.  He solicits a crass but gutsy oboe diva.  To the Sahara by pace car I go, Dave.  Mad!  It sums to boredom:  "mock catnip" I sniff up.  So dream, asleep!  Oh--we net abaci.

Lo, banana, we stare, I see!  We bred, Doris Tsao, big genitalia.  Megan's a prime sieve.  Sad, doomed, a rabid, loose gull ate my tit!  New on sale, bill a pencil late.  Mimes, sign "I" to me.  Ev, love, pass a dog a mug.

I, Tony--a hero?  My rating I deny.  Don an anode, Rob.  All warps in a crisp militia.  We rid loyal labor in Italy, men. Ohio's bard signals won kin:  Alan is a sign I keep a wonder.  Onward, ewes!   Net sugar...Zeno's!  I ail.  Dab a Niagara beer froth, guacamole spill.  Enamel as sin, I saw tires; all ate my menu till I wore hose.  O flat urban opus, sip!

Hobos gulp red rums, i.e. gruel, Bali as sad nadir.  Can a yam, Sid; start, Angie, repair of stray men.  Edam (raw), drab mob, is gut grub.  A salad, edible, dies. Alas!

No dark cult I saw:  He won't; I won knees!  Eve, wrap one last rap:  "Lava nets awe, raw balsa."

Greta, we gab, rag.  Sit on a bidet:  ten deni.  At no cost, I wash colons.  Oh, tests I rate.  No men in an antihero gym regret tumor-free villi!  We grab a demo organ in situ.  Bah!

"Oh-- a din is an ode?"  No, it is opera. So listen at sacred dirges, Ira. 

"Disney-age brats yell at, um, sadistic ilea!"  Relive nasal agony, Fidel, lewd. 

Ewan, adversities are mood isles, summed aids.  Tod ramifies nets Ina weaves.  But serenity, men, I foster.  Gert, nod in arias.  Embrace no din ad!  Flow as time, Eve.

All eyes online pop as deer beg a bra grab.  So rent a hotel.  Avoid a remote Italian spa.  Can an able man erase a crime no dark oration may assuage? Diodes retune my revered nerd.  I gag. Enid, I won't riddle his turret laser.

I wed; a cradle I free.  Never can a woman excite mere volcanos alive to gassy labor!  I tug all its tube garb. Muffins I set; I bleed!  No pariah, no evil:  I say not, "I am lesser"!  Go, eraser, go!  A lone sumac I lob.  My [SOS!] Milan rut confided, Deb, men I ban!  I panic: I'm on orgasm row!  Revile lurid nadir rot! Sit in my hymnal case; mime us. Stunned, I am dumb; an illicit cad idyll is a partner.

Is all a tacit song?  A dog sits.  Rifles sever us, nun.  Am I too hot to hoot, Ima? 

Part ill, it shone, my sordid nadir:  Cadet Alexa, 'tis PACs!  So, last, I bet a nod nets a fine.  My strategic ova-hotbed delegate grates a balloter.  I'd allot six ad naps a party.  More, have ten!

Piss, Tod:  Eureka!  Trap, Enid.  Nadia, Dee feud.  No fan, I toll a bell.  I, arbitrator, rub no one.  No gin or a camera:  we bar bedlam in a one-item deli. We care, Bill, Lew!  Dirt upsets; attune. So, Ito won a tuna salad award, eh?  Pen a pope tome.  Draw a red nihil; in slang:  I snub roll or yaw.

A nurse in Reno taps Dee's evil duo: Freon and pot!  So, cold nadir aerosol issued a minor tan warning.  Is Eden a bad nap?  So do deliver us!  Are Dee, Nero glad?  I assume so.

Al nixes Eva's mood to nod.  Eve won. Eva, Ellis, so frolic nets a tonsil!  I--Hindu?

Be so red, insane my cage lore, zero symbols all, etc.

I renege, Romeo!  We nod; I depart.  A trap is set.  Olaf, food, if sin, is a trap. Emil, bus.  Sip, Ma.

Can gas allow a nastier, if anise-laden odor?  Pa's (ah!) gases?  Oh--was Lester fed?  Al, base sugar a stew, beds a gal, Ewan.  Deem a log a tie vigil, Ed.  Eva, he wets at noon.  Draw, Otto.  He lit a lover I fan, O balsa pal!

So, Greg; rub, ask, commit no sin.  Even I desire women (as leader, foe)!  Diva, tides turn:  I star in it!  Ram a piston rod as straw.  Eva has leaves in nets.  Evolve, bees!

Wolf-beds Eva, Ella tan upon.  Evie, so Pa nips a tuatara? Luc, I trap Nimrod's rod, uterus anima; er, dyad!

Dee, I loot.  Ma, I deliver star anise. Nola, I rob, alone, lucid.  I reward nastier iterative evils.  Aware of nine yachts, I dog a magnate.  Niftier answer: B.A., barge in, reap!  Maid, I pass up my lost ID.

Ella, taxed, naps.  And Ella sees, asleep, a toe divination.  Evil!  Rip a tarot code disk!

Cabarets of roe of marlins I'd log.  Dine on reviled sun gods' risotto, dire.  Ponder flat figs, a dime sub as a recipe.

O!  Get a canoe.  Grog, Nero, does net nil: a rut, an evil, a foe raw as God.  Hog nits, Ruby, beg a yam god to hasten onward.

Nod; nab a sir, I warn.  I now stop:  Stay, Liz, all lewd.


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Eva's dignitary rating I'd save. 

Troubling times at the Symphony:

"A video bore, I doom a moodier oboe diva!" 

Feed a silly ram a redder amaryllis, Adeef.

Marine environmentalism:

"Draw no malcontent fist.  No! Deter cesspools sloops secrete!  Don't sift; net no clam.  Onward!"

Downtime at the Brothel:

"Tessa disburses wordy Lena brusk raps.  Snort!  Celeste nets electrons, sparks urbanely, drowses, rubs Ida's set."

Ed, I ride Roman enemy ass. As drab royals slay or bards assay men, enamored, I ride.


"Aidan?  Oh, can sex incite opera's pagandom, ziggurat cares set aside? Flo, was God agnostic at all, a siren trap? Eve, partner, is all a tacit song?  A dog's a wolf?  Ed, is a tesseract a rug gizmo?  DNA gaps are poetic nixes?  Nacho, Nadia?"

Drama at the Math Academy:

"Go, cadet.  A noted i protestor bled, namely Kyle. Mandelbrot set or pi detonated a cog!"

Beet lover goes apoplectic:

Tim overemoted, "Osteopaths rob foe of 'Borsht: a Poet's Ode to Mere Vomit'!!!"

Christmastime writer's block:

"Tides turn.  Mad!  ONE Noel ode sold.  Inept, now I sup on an aperitif.  If I tire, pan an opus I won't pen!  I'd lose.  Do, Leone, no damn rut's edit!"

About end-of-life, respectfully:

"O!  Let agony go, Lot.  No regrets, America, in 'Amen.'  As a sane maniac, I remaster gerontology.  No gate; lo!"

Unlicensed therapy:

I'm, alas, a gab-all, Ella--Greg. Doctor Seuss?  I'd log nil.  Let time lessen ire.  Ella, ever meet sex inn action?  No?  It can nix esteem, reveal leeriness.  El, emit telling old issues.  "Rot, codger!!"  Gall, Ella!  Bag a salami! 

For my wonderful sister:

"Go; consider every man a fan:  Amy, revered, is no cog!"

Harsh (baby) shower:

"Sexy...no bacitracin; I ripsaw a lesion!!  Loofas, nasal agony aside, Ed, I say:  no gala sans a fool noise law!  (Aspirin I cart...I cab onyxes.)"

Beauty contestant drama:

"Meg--at Art's party--nailed *MY* gig!!  (Or I peed.)  Oh, a diss I'm on!  Sara, it was revenge!  Meg never saw tiaras...no Miss Idaho!  Dee, pirogi--gym deli?  Any trap, stratagem?" 

Shocker at the Video Music Awards:

"Lice!  Cyrus used a foam-laden palm; lap!  Ned, a 'LMAO' fades...usury, Cecil!"

Usury, as in Miley giving the kiddies a cheap thrill, but at what exorbitant cost?!

Mayhem (and shoplifting!) with the night stockers:

"Stock cans!  No, Eileen?  I articulate:  faster, germs!  I lob, ate my manna.  Do not rack lime cider.  O Val, fall in!!  A vanilla-flavored ice milk carton OD, Anna?!  My metabolism regrets a feta, Luc....  I, trainee, lie on snack cots."

Concerning a certain nerdy linguist/cognitive scientist:

"Don I a modem, eh, Prom as tense, major panic?  A.I., notes Rev. Al, lacks a Turing I sum egoless, a passe log.  Emu, sign!  I rut, ask, call."  Averse to niacin, a pro, James, nets a morpheme domain OD.

A.I.: Artificial Intelligence.  Turing: Alan Turing, whose "Turing test" is referenced in reverse, i.e., Mr. Turing trying to convince James by conversing that he is in fact an "egoless" machine (via a text log...no peeking!).  Morpheme: the smallest part of speech that conveys meaning.

Mid-sentence change of heart:

"Hobos gulp red rums, i.e. gruel, Bali as sad nadir.  Can a yam, Sid; start, Angie, repair of stray men.  Edam (raw), drab mob, is gut grub.  A salad is...EVIL!  Live, Sid!  Alas, a burg tugs--I bombard war-mad enemy arts, for I, ape, reign at rats' dismay.  An acrid and assailable urge is murder.  Plug, sob--oh!"

Bali: a variety of rum.

Auntie Em briefly sublets:

"Men:  I, senile, diss busy art.  Oh, cannabis I ban.  (Nacho tray, subs sideline sin.)


Coffee Cats:

"Cult civet 'cats' send no fondness, tact.  Evict, Luc!"

Botched execution:

"Demi, 'Amen' I toll.  I uglily misuse, Susi, my lil' guillotine, maimed."

Legendary lewd lapidarian:

"Do cab, Lee, Mt. Aetna.  Rant, 'Eat me, Elba...C.O.D.!"

Big changes at the nightclub:

"Ale?  No!!  Tacit are power grabs.  Anna's bar grew operatic at one, L.A.!"

Legal briefs (Word Unit):

"Present your open and shut cases, earning your keep, meagerly paid interns.  I say, 'There, there.'  Say I, interns--paid meagerly--keep your earning cases shut and open your present."

Archaeology gets personal (Word Unit):

"Were it as late as you claim, we would find a quite lighter lamp oil used, a marked rarity in greater antiquity!  No antiquity greater in rarity marked a used oil lamp lighter 'quite a find!'  Would we claim YOU as 'late,' as it were?"

Alphabet palindrome (Word Unit):

"All babies cry, depart ebulliently, fathers glowing.  Hospitals (in jargon) "kill labor," merciless, numbing offensive pain, quieting riotous suffering, the unstressing ventilations well xeroxed.  Yowls zag, yowls xeroxed well, ventilations unstressing (the suffering riotous), quieting pain.  Offensive, numbing, merciless labor-kill jargon in hospitals:  'glowing.'  Fathers ebulliently depart, cry-babies, all."

Bored Orel:

Orel:  "Lab academia...meh."

Ava:  "Ugh.  Serf rag?  'US'?

"(So cram OT!)  None drag evil on as 'iTrap!:  eBios'.  I met a hip morsel:  Bono got laid..."

"...Rock, Orel?  Like Rush, son?"

"Ava, jazz I peruse."

"Both Sid, Eviana saw the edamame Ma made, eh?"

"'Twas a naive dish, to be sure."

"Pizza?  Java?"

"Nosh?  Sure!"

"Killer!  OK, cordial to go?  (Nobles romp!)"

"I hate miso!"

"I be partisan...Olive Garden?!"

"...On to Marcos':  sugar, fresh guava!"

"(He maimed a caballero!)"

Orchestrated diss:

"Dip; I sniff.  Arf!  First cello collects riffraff, insipid."

If I were the Vatican:

"Damp mildew, angelic odes:  O Rome, morose, docile, gnawed limp, mad!"

What do you do with a drunken sailor?:

"Bacall:  a clod, I salute Pvt. Netto, resuming, inebriated, a cadet air.  Benign, I muse, 'Rotten TV:  Petula's Idol!'  Call a cab."

Palindromus interruptus with poetess Uma:

"Barren traps:  a Muse illustrated unatoned onanism a 'dam' sin; an ode, not a nude tart, sullies Uma's partner, Rab."

Slick shady seller:

"Dee's Nome daffodils slid off a demon seed!"

Reverse drug runner:

"A mule traces a base cartel, Uma."

Taxi service competition:

"Rebut naive deviant Uber!"

Unpleasantness all around:

"Damsel on a crap bus:  'Subpar canoles!  Mad!'"

You have no right(s)!:

Sad.  "Negate 'pet agendas'!!'"

Sicilian restaurant closing:

"Is 'Canteen' a snide lie, facade, illusion?  No, I sullied a cafe.  I led insane Etna CSI."

Beach picnic conversation, in flowery prose:

"Sir, I ail on game--no:  men!"

"Ay, snap!  No?!"

"I tan, racy lil' Calil!"

"...Red, Neva!"

"Len, I pull ID off a Dr. Etsa:  MADAM Aster, Daffodil, Lupine, Lavender, Lilac, Lily, Carnation, Pansy, Anemone, Magnolia, Iris!"

Game:  Cornish game hen. 

The reluctant pholosopher:

"Well, I, arty, revered no preset arc.  Ostracised odes I cart, Socrates.  Er, ponder every trail, Lew."

My nonexistent, seg (castrated bull) love life:

"I'm a seg amid eros necrosis or censored images?  Am I?!"

Discovery of perfume and its awesome responsibility:

"Eureka!  We resume wonder, odored.  No?  We muse, rewake, rue!"

Fiscal education:

"Define 'money': a yen omen I fed!"

Phoenician word games:

"Live, I manage Tyre crossword rows:  sorcery, Tegan!  Am I evil?"

Paleogene Park:

"Motel bat, peccary trample help!!  (Martyr acceptable, Tom.)"


"Alone, idiot, do not misuse--jaded--a Jesus I'm to nod to.  I die, Nola."

Lashing out at authority:

"No wits; I fed a General a renegade fist!  I won."

Health 101:

"Hell, Ira wastes no evil spin, Cimone:  Gen ingests a landfill eclair, etc.  A bacterial cell, if DNA lasts (e.g. nine genomic nips 'live'), onsets a war.  Ill, eh?"

Awakening on Loch Ness:

[NOT a decaf ruse!]

*Is "Seneca" lost, Fadeil, as a den nap's yaw, lad?*

I'd no passenger, Greg, Ness a pond I'd always panned as a lie.  Daft solace:  Nessie surfaced, a ton!

We'll be watching you:

So sin meets "Eyebot"; so, Lyra, we live.  Moh taxes no dystopia, snob!  We protocolled:  robots to bordello, cot or pew.  Bonsai pot, Sydon, sex at home:  vile!  Wary, lost:  obey!  Esteem Nisos!!

Ice Age intrigue, in three palindromes:

[Eli saves retold lore, venerable.  Gnats, Aly, revere Eli.  Hero Vasile:  "Eli, savor, eh:  I leer--EVERY last angel, bare, never old!!"  Lo, terse Vasile!]

Depart a burg now, Rob.  Aleda--rapider, eh?!  *Collide!  Gash, Tom, mammoths' aged, ill!*  Ochered, I parade labor-won grub...a trap, Ed!

Seidel I savor, eh, Deb?  Belladonna we (Nola) stew--pilaf!  I do not dine, Enid to nod if a lip wets.  *A lone wan nod, all ebbed; "hero" Vasile dies.*

VERY bad parenting:

Elba freebaser:  "Every baby reveres a beer!"  Fable!!

Keen for caffeine:

"No sugar; drag us on."

Dead-end job:

Boss Rita:  "E-file its irksome memos--life at IRS.  Sob."

Hip hop heaven:

"Paradise?  Yes, I'd a rap!"

After the earthquake:

"L.A., vive rococo revival!"

Playing [Evil] Doctor:

Dez:  "Administer, Geri, ample homemade T-cell 'octane'!"  Nat collected a memo:  "Help, Ma!  I regret sin!  I'm dazed!"

GMO slogan:

 "O Genome!  Defile life, demon ego!!"















The hardest palindrome was this:

"Emus," said Al Gore, "need erasure!  Vile dodos!  Panda bane, design in raw natron, I made us silos, ore--arid and loco!"  So, cold nadir aerosol issued a minor tan warning.  Is Eden a bad nap?  So DO deliver us!  Are Dee, Nero glad, I assume?

("Natron" is a funerary salt used by the ancient Egyptians to mummify bodies.  "Nadir" refers to the lowest point, here of the world, the antithesis of "zenith"--Antarctica, and the "Ozone Hole."  And "silos" refers, of course, to nuclear missile silos.  OK, it's a stretch....) 

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